How do you choose the perfect bridal hairstyle for the big day?


The bride's look is always thought through down to the smallest details. The hairstyle is perhaps one of the most important elements of this overall picture.

To choose a hairstyle for such an important day, it is important to take into count several factors and our 5 tips.  


Feel comfortable with your hairstyle

First, the wedding hairstyle should be comfortable. Your hairstyle should endure a full day. The hairstyle should not weigh too much and no pins should rub against your scalp.


TIP 1: Try to schedule your trial haircut with the hair stylist in the morning and walk around with the haircut for a full day. This will help you understand if the hairstyle is a good fit and if it will last a full day.



The choice of bridal hairstyle depends on your face type


A wedding hairstyle should not only highlight and enhance the bride's natural beauty, but also hide minor flaws.

It's all about the overall balance of the silhouette. For example, if you have an oval or elongated face, you don't want your hair to sit high, otherwise it will be disproportionate. Conversely, if you have a round face, you should put your hair up to optically lengthen the silhouette.




Take into account to your hair color

It may seem strange, but to choose a hairstyle, you have to take into account the hair color! For example, if your hair has multiple shades in it, it's best to go for a high updo. That updo will look even more vibrant with a mix of shades. For example, blonde meches hair create an interesting contrast.... If you have dark hair, try a loose or half-up hairstyle, twisting it into beautiful curls or blow-drying it elegantly.


TIP 2: Don't forget to refresh your hair color at the hairdresser at least two weeks before the wedding!


Let the hairstylist see your references

This is probably one of the most important steps in choosing your perfect hairstyle! 

The stylist should show not only pictures of the hairstyles you like, but also pictures of the hairstyles you absolutely don't want

Bring not only photos of hairstyles but also of your wedding dress, ideas for makeup and accessories you have in mind.

To find the perfect hairstyle, the atmosphere and theme of the party is equally important.

Limit your choice to about 3 spheres. It may very well be that in a certain hairstyle you like only 1 element like for example the incorporated braid in the hairstyle. In another photo, you may like the hair accessory, for example, that perfectly matches the hairstyle.

Also, be realistic when choosing sample photos. Try to find reference hairstyles that have approximately the same hair texture, hair length and hair color

This will help the stylist better understand what you want or don't want.

TIP 3: Bring a picture that you think you look good in to the tasting session, this will help the stylist better understand what your style and taste is.

TIP 4: Above all, be honest with yourself and with the stylist. If you don't fully agree on something or don't like something, say so immediately at the trial session.


The bridal hairstyle should match the dress

It is important that the hairstyle matches your wedding dress. The style of the wedding gown has a big influence on the hairstyle. For example, a deep cleavage would look great with loose hair, while a closed gown would be more appropriate with an elegant, high rise hairstyle.

Hair Accessories

The bride's wedding hairstyle should be in harmony with the (hair) accessories.

There are many hair ornaments to choose from. They include hairvines, tiaras, hair pins, hair combs and flowers. The choice of hair accessories is directly related to the choice of your wedding image. After all, the decoration should match your wedding outfit and the hairstyle itself. Show a picture of your chosen hairstyle to a hairstylist or take the "which handmade wedding pin goes with your hairstyle" test.

TIP 5: Choose your hairstyle first and only then the hair accessories. The accessories should enhance the hairstyle not the other way around.


A well-chosen wedding hairstyle will help to form the perfect image of the bride. We hope that with these tips we can help you make the right choice of hairstyle and feel the most irresistible on your wedding day.



-XXX- Mariya

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